Digital Marketing: The Blockchain Effects

Digital marketing is a strategy every business engage in nowadays to utilise the influence of the internet. It helps promote and grow their business on par with the latest marketing trends. Digital marketing is one of the most effective tools in boosting the business’ visibility on a global scale. On a different note, with the constant change and fast-paced innovations, the blockchain technology is one aspect of marketing that is also going on a rapid speed. This technology along with AIs are drastically altering the face the digital marketing. 

Blockchain technology is one way to upscale the strategies intended for consumers as well as gaining a stand in the businesses respective industries. Blockchain technology is slowly evolving the digital world whilst aiding companies to gain advantages and elevate their marketing schemes. 

What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain is a system that records data that protects the system against hackers. It is typically a digital ledger that stores all transaction records that does not allow or involve any third-party system. 

Blockchain technology has the ability to duplicate information making it impossible to track while building an invulnerable system. The main function of blockchain technology is intended for financial industries and cryptocurrencies. However, it is making its way to the field of digital marketing. 

The Effects of Blockchain Technology to Digital Marketing 

Protects Consumer Data and Privacy

Online stores benefit a lot from the blockchain technology. It creates a unique consumer profile in accordance with their bought products,  searches, and other online activities. Without blockchain technology, data that consumers input online may have the chance to leak. But, with blockchain technology present, consumer data will be secured. 

Blockchain technology keeps consumers information between the customer and the seller and there’s no way for it to leak anywhere. It will give the consumer the control and peace of mind upon disclosing personal information. 

Provides Transparency and Authenticity

With advanced technology present and countless online stores that offer the same products, consumers nowadays are becoming more meticulous. Customers have a lot of options online that makes marketing more competitive. With blockchain technology, businesses will be able to project transparency and authenticity. Consumers will have a chance to know more about where, how, and what the products are made before making a purchase. The businesses involved in the manufacturing of the product will be able to relay details directly to the e-commerce store and display the related information about the product. Thus, blockchain technology will help build the credibility of the company. 

The Absence of Middlemen

Digital marketing mostly depends on Google to advertise their product. Google typically is an intermediary platform that acquires a percentage of money from advertisements. Blockchain technology needs no middlemen while adding value to the brand’s marketing campaign. Blockchain technology allows digital marketers to will do not need to work with a website to place an ad online. 

Advertising Campaign Modifications

The goal of every digital marketer is to create an ad that grabs their target market’s attention. However, having a loose grip of what their potential market want often leads to numerous advertisements that deliver no results.  The old way of online marketing no longer works to the taste of online consumers. Ads that take up a lot of space on the screen and disrupts the speed are an annoyance to online customers. Thus, with blockchain technology in the system, such incidences can be avoided while flaunting an effective and entertaining ad. Blockchain technology will provide a clear marketing path for the company without bombarding the internet with useless advertisements. 

Blockchain technology does not only serve as a security blanket to your consumers but also a tool that will elevate the marketing game of digital marketers. Having a blockchain technology in your system will help in your overall foundation online.